ECU Upgrade (A250)

Product Name:

ECU Upgrade (A250)


Z 176 3 RZA C300


ab 07/2012

Engine size:


Engine code:

M 270 DE 20 AL

Legal notes for installing and using of a power enhancement:

  • A power enhancement of a car, through chiptuning or an extra control unit, has to be registered in the car documents.
  • This registration could be easyly done, if theres is an TÜV-technical report for that vehicle.
  • The usage of an power enhancement without an TÜV-"acceptance test" and registration cause a loss of the operationg license and insurance coverage.
  • The usage of an power enhancement could cause the loss of the seller and manufactur waranties.
  • The power enhancement of motor vehicles requires a recalculationg of the vehicle indemnity insurance. The cusstomer is obliged for his insurance coverage.
  • The customer commits to inform his customers about the legal notes when he resales the product.
  • Power Data:


    RZA-290 ECU Upgrade

    USD 1030.00 *

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